Project Oriented Counselling, Research & Development:


 Fields of Expertise 

  • Consultancy work
    International Experience Specialist (Employment Policies and Programmes of OECD Countries) for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor; Economic and Employment Affairs Consultant for the Israeli Age-Friendly Cities (Ministry for Senior Citizens), Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, NGOs, IOs. 
  • Program and policy development  – Developing of various programs (ISO 9000, Establishment of employment centers, Active Labor Labor Market Programs, One-Stop Shop for Youth-at-Risk in addition to Municipal One-Stop Shop)
  • Performance Measurement and Knowledge Management Projects – Developing databases (e.g. TEVET database which consist 85,000 Participants), CRM projects; managing various KM projects
  • Lecturer and Research – Academia (e.g. the Hebrew University of Jerusalem), organizations, government ministries

 Research and Practice in the following areas: 

  • Knowledge management
  • Performance Measurement Systems
  • Strategic Planning, Research &  Development of Employment Initiatives
  • International Comparisons
  • Labour Market
  • Social Networks and its practical utilities
  • Practical Research
  • Global Diffusion of Ideas
  • Sociology
  • International Relations

 Extensive experience working with various entities:

  • Intergovernmental Organizations (e.g. OECD, UNHCR, IOM)
  • International Non-Governmental Organizations GO's (e.g. IRC, AJJDC
  • Local Non-Governmental Organizations NGO's in Israel and abroad
  • Social Policy Research Organizations (e.g. MDRC, Brookdale-Myers Institute)
  • Israel Government ministries (e.g. MOITAL and MOLSA)

 Partial list of reports and publications:

  • Reconstruction of Grand Organizational Narratives: The Institutionalization of the OECD Inclusion Agenda (1983-2012), (revised and resubmitted), Oct 2017
  • The OECD Integrated Activation Policy in the last Three Decades, (under revision) with Prof. David Levi-Faur and Prof. Michal Frenkel, Oct 2017
  • Disability Mainstreaming in One-Stop Shops: Israel and the OECD Countries, Journal of Welfare and Social Security Studies, Israel, Sep 2017 (with Freier D. Yossi and Gruber Lirit)

  • The Global State of Adequate Representation Models of People with Disabilities (Isael and the OECD Countries), The Commission for Equal Rights for People with Disabilities in Israel, Dec 2015
  • Making "Return to Work" Programmes of the Insurance Companies WorkPilat, Feb 2015
  • Five Year Strategic Plan for ESHEL (2016-2020) for Senior Citizens and Older Workers, Eshel (JDC - Israel), Sep 2015
  • From University to the Labour Market - Third-Tier Institutions as a Gatekeeper to the World of Work for People with Disabilities, Tevet, Jerusalem, January 2014
  • National Employment Policy for People with Disabilities, JDC and the Ministry of Economy r 2013
  • Scaling-Up and Scalability in the Social Arena - Literature Review and Practical Experience: Global Experience, a literature review for The Israeli Social Model Foundations
  • Employment and Economic Experience of Older People and Senior Citizens in Israel in comparison to the OECD Countries (as part of the Israeli Age-Friendly Cities Booklet), Langleben Strategies, September 2013
  • The One-Stop Shop Model of the 'Circle of Life and Employment' (Ma’agal Hachaim Ve’aTaasuka) in the Beer-Sheva, Beer Sheva Municipality and TEVET, September 2013.
  • One-Stop Shops and People with Disabilities – the International Experience, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, Israel, January 2013
    • An International Comparative Overview of Labour Force Statistics  for People with Disability, March 2012 (Hebrew)
    • Gender Mainstreaming in ALMP, TEVET, Jerusalem (Hebrew)
    • Zohar, Gal and Frenkel, Michal (2011), Importing Welfare to Work Model (Activation Policy) to Israel – Policy Making in Israel, Israel Economic Quarterly (Hebrew), December 2011
      • Zohar, Gal and Mashiah, Rona (2009), Employment, Retention, and Advancement Programs in the Active Labour Market Policies around the World, TEVET, JDC-Israel (Hebrew)
      • Zohar, Gal; Barnea, Tamara; Sulimani, Rami; Donyets, Yoav (2008), Possible Models of Phasing-Out, JDC's Think-Tank Forum (June 2008)
      • Special Minimum Wage for People with Disabilities – National Local Policies, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, Israel (Hebrew)
        • Zohar, Gal and JDC divisions’ representatives (2006), Social Policy Agenda—JDC Perspectives, submitted to Israel's Prime Minister's Office, May 2006 (Hebrew)
        • Brodet, David; Hurvitz, Eli; Zohar, Gal; Trachtenberg, Manuel; Eckstein, Zvi (2006), The First 100 Days - Employment Policy Recommendations, submitted to Israel's Prime Minister Office, The Israel Democratic Institute, April 2006 (Hebrew)
        • Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) Programs for Foreign Workers and Refugees: Program Analysis and Policy Recommendations, Submitted to Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labour, JDC – Israel, June 2004

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