Work Longer, Retire Gradually

פורסם: 4 במרץ 2016, 3:30 על ידי: Gal Zohar   [ עודכן 4 במרץ 2016, 23:12 ]

One of the main OECD agenda during the last decade is its Live Longer, Work Longer. Nonetheless, advancing these objective is not enough; hence in this presentation, which took place in February 2016 for ESHEL (JDC), I urged that we must add the Retire Gradually objective.

By comparing the US and Israel to the OECD average, we can identify the way in which all the industrialized countries went through a major change during the last three decades. For example, the employment rate of people aged 65-69 in Israel practically doubled itself within only 9 years! (from 17.8 in 2005 to 36.8 in 2014).

Nevertheless, major part of the policy and practices must include the inclusive approach. This approach is not only relevant for working age groups but also for people older than 65. While the dramatic change in the increasing participation rates and the employment rates of older workers still takes place, other underprivileged groups are still excluded. This has to change as soon as possible!!!

Gal Zohar,
4 במרץ 2016, 3:30